2019 NBA Finals

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The 2019 NBA Finals was the championship series of the National Basketball Association (NBA)’s 2018–19 year and conclusion of the year’s playoffs. In the best-of-seven playoff series held from May 30 through June 13, 2019, the Eastern Conference champion Toronto Raptors defeated the Western Conference champion Golden State Warriors, four games to two, making the franchise its first NBA championship in addition to the first win with a group located outside the USA. In his first year playing the Raptors after being acquired via a trade throughout the off-season, Kawhi Leonard was named the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player (MVP) for the second time in his profession.
This was the very first NBA Finals appearance for the Raptors, along with the league’s first finals with matches played out of the USA. Home-court advantage was awarded to Toronto, who completed the regular season with an additional win (58–24) compared to Golden State (57–25). This was the very first time in five consecutive NBA Finals appearances the then-two-time defending NBA-champion Warriors did not have home-court advantage. Also for the first time over the previous five postseasons, the Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers didn’t match in the tournament round. This was the first finals since 2010 not to include LeBron James, who played in the previous eight finals together with Cleveland and the Miami Heat.

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